Tuesday, January 19, 2016

House: Kitchen Update

Well my dears, we were roaring along on our kitchen remodel until the window contractor screwed up and brought the entire project to a screeching halt. Evidently I was too busy congratulating myself on the smooth progress of the project thus far to realize how much one window was going to throw a major wrench in the works.

So we’re at a standstill. Our cabinets are almost completely installed, but because we had to stop and wait for the window, our contractor moved onto other projects and doesn't have any availability for a few additional weeks.

And we can’t finish any electrical or plumbing until the cabinets are finished. So we’re in a holding pattern which has put me into a bit of a funk.

I suppose one of the saving graces of remodels is that you plunge into a project somewhat naively, not quite realizing just how long that project is going take to fully complete. For me, it’s kind of like giving birth: situational amnesia.

Oh well, we will get there eventually. In the meantime, I will be content if I never have to look another plate of mac&cheese in the face again. Quick microwavable food is getting pretty old 'round these parts. :)