Saturday, January 23, 2016

News and Reviews

Well, here’s another one for the photo album. Why is it so impossible to get a decent picture of these two together? I’ve got nothing worth keeping.

That Benjamin, such a helpful guy. Here, Emma, look THIS way!

A few of these links are a bit old; I’ve had them since early December but haven’t gotten my act together. Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend, peeps!

3D printing will disrupt the world in ways we can barely imagine 

More recess, fewer fidgets

How free play creates emotionally stable children in an unstable world

The Stranger regrets these errors

White women, black hair styles

Seattle natural hazard explorer. Nightmare inducing.

Confessions of a rabbi’s wife

I’m going to send the drunk driver who killed my parents a christmas card

If you’re from Alaska..

Chocolate scandal

Self-esteem of the kindergarten set

This was our December: 150 sickened by norovirus. Also: When norovirus came to dinner. 

Unfollow: Westboro Baptist loses a prized daughter

Sad news: Doug Tompkins dies

See? Drones can be used for good! (yes, I still want one)

And yet another keeper...

This picture reminds me of the article: 26 reasons kids are pretty much just tiny drunk adults. Makes me laugh every time.