Thursday, February 25, 2016

Current Events

I went into the bathroom late last night to find Ben casually peeing on the sink cabinet. He was also mostly asleep. Something in his brain told him to get up and go into the WC but somehow he couldn't make it the final steps to the toilet.

Me: "Ben, it looks like you're standing in a puddle of pee."

Ben looks at his feet quizzically. "Nope, Mama, that's not mine."

because, you know, we are awash in random puddles of urine

Me: "Hmm. Are you sure?"

Ben: "Oh right. Yes, that's my pee.  But I'm all done now so I'm going back to bed."

And off he trundled. Still mostly asleep.

So many liquids associated with small children.

In other news, Emma has a new trick:

Sniff. My little baby is growing up. We promptly took down her crib and she's been spending the night on a mattress on the floor.

It's been going fairly well, despite the fact that she likes to distribute her bookshelf and dresser contents onto the floor every night before falling asleep.

My kids are like little drunk tornados, I swear.