Wednesday, June 01, 2016

News and Reviews

Occasionally we go into the University of Washington to participate in studies on language and development. They do a good job of playing it up and making the kids feel special and helpful (today YOU are contributing to SCIENCE!!). 

Ben was so excited to be a scientist  that he arrived in my bedroom at 7:01 am, fully dressed, including his coat.  

(It also helps that they paid him $30 . He'd spent hours perusing the internet for the perfect LEGO machine long before the money actually made it into his sweaty little fist.)

I am ready for the science! 

Here he is in action. 

Next week he gets to go in and be connected to the 'big magical brain machine'. They do a little test run beforehand:

 This study is an extension of one that was started back when Ben was just a wee bambino. We used to joke in our house that I was always my mom's first subject, as she, too, is a researcher at the University. We've come full circle.

Here are a few links from around the web:

The World's Greatest Birdwatcher (of course he's from Oregon. Birdies, unite!). Yesterday Emma and I discovered an abandoned bushtit nest laying in the road. They are remarkable for their feats of engineering. Today we dissected the nest to discover lots of extra feathers and a few unhatched eggs. The scientists are in da house!

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How I deal with the unbearable hypocrisy of being an environmentalist  (Thanks, R)

Hope you're having a great week.