Tuesday, July 05, 2016

News and Reviews


Summer is in full swing. Last weekend we went out to Salt Spring Recreation Area with my parents for a bit of camping and it is now my new favorite family camp ground in Washington (although Deception Pass is also fantastic). It has a playground, gorgeous tide pools, a nice sandy beach, and little trails through the woods to WWII bunkers. Plus Emma is finally getting the hang of gliding on her push bike and our little girlie wants to go, go go! She desperately wants to keep up with Ben.

Of course it was packed with people. Such is the state of most campgrounds during the summer these days.

But we also saw a few critters, including this guy:

Here are a few links from around the web:

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Buenos Aires to permanently close its zoo. 

A tale of two temperaments. (This plays out in our house daily!)

At this point, Orlando is our fault.

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More testing, less play. Expectations for today's kindergartener.

Quit damaging our precious wild spaces. 

Long but worth it: The unbelievable tale of Jesus' wife.

Another reason to visit Jordon: Massive monument found buried in Petra.

Landscape artist uses water from her destinations. Love these! Although I am somewhat curious about how she got the water from Horseshoe Bend, given that it's a 1,000 vertical drop to the river below.

I stopped showering and life continued.

Child safety hack for crowded places (airports, amusement parks, the train station)

Republican dads vs. Democrat dads

And, last but very much not least: read this (if you haven't already).