Saturday, September 17, 2016

News and Reviews

Hola! What are your plans for the weekend? 

We're hiding from the rain and doing house projects. 

I found this picture of my mom on my computer. Shoveling gravel with a baby (me) on her back. Hardcore, Mama. I also came the to realization that we've only ever owned black mutts in our family. Four of 'em: wonderful, lovable scruffy pups. That's Zeke (Mutt #1) in the picture. I've been missing Bailey lately. 

The PTA mom: Framed

The wrong man. Or, the problem with eye witness accounts. 

Will Amazon kill FedEx?

The falling man (worth the long read)

Dalilah Muhammad covers herself in gold

What it feels like to die

Oh hey, maybe I'll start visiting Victoria again: After 25 years, Victoria's treatment plan gets approved (34 million gallons per day of raw sewage into our shared Strait of Juan de Fuca does not make for happy Washingtonians)

Why luck plays a big role in making you rich

I don't like that this is a taboo subject. As a parent, I think about this constantly: Why we should have fewer children to save the planet

Catios! They're a thing! Love that this is taking hold in Portland. The native birds are thanking you, P-Town.

rude vs. mean vs. bullying

Another group that loses if Trump wins

Why do tourists visit ancient ruins everywhere but in the United States?

Five different hair colors in 7 weeks (I loved being blond-ish for summer...but I really suck at the upkeep)