Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Emma goes swimming.

A few weeks ago we were over at my parent's house raiding their fruit and vegetable gardens. The grandkids can get away with a lot...including deforesting an entire crop of carrots, as Ben has just done in the picture below.

Emma was in blueberry heaven.

Right up until she fell in the pond. 

In her defense, the surface was entirely coated with dense duckweed so it looked like a nice green carpet. Hard to tell there was muddy water lurking underneath.

I suppose it doesn't help when your mother  stops to take pictures, either...

Fortunately, we were able to bundle her into a towel and plop a bowl of blueberries in her lap, and that proved to be just the tonic for a unexpected pond plunge.

And look, new pictures for the baby book, right? These are exactly the ones that we'll all have a good laugh over in a few years.  Hopefully. :)