Saturday, October 01, 2016

News and Reviews

Happy Weekend!

We are off to get our family flu shots (followed by an ice cream sundae party to soothe the ouchies). We also might hit up our beloved Reptile Zoo as it's looking like a grey weekend here in Seattle.

This is a pretty good representation of what our average weekend looks like these days:

Pure chaos. This is also a good example of why I refuse to buy any new furniture until the kids are 18...

Here are a few links I found interesting this week:

Would you eat cricket flour? What if your voodoo doughnut was made with it?

America's deadliest animal.

Smushed faced dogs. Genetic engineering gone too far?

The wet prince of Bel Air: Which LA homeowner used 11.8 million gallons of water during California's crippling drought? (enough for 90 families)

The most common surname in your country.

My son, the prince of fashion.

Why Japanese kids walk to school alone.

We are creeping up on Halloween! Ben has been plotting costumes since November 1 of last year. Initially he was set on a knight (him), a dragon (Emma), a King (Chris), and Queen (me), but now he's discarded that in favor of other plans. We'll keep you posted as the great costume debate unfolds!