Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Co-Housing Community. Yea or nay?

My Dears,

I keep running into articles about co-housing like this one:

The Millennial Housing Trend is a Repeat of the Middle Ages.

The closest I got to co-housing was in college which, as I'm sure my housemates can attest, was generally a good experience with a few bumps sprinkled in. :)

But I'll admit: I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of co-housing. An important caveat: I am not attracted to the type where everyone shares kitchens and bathrooms. That's too much sharing.

But I have this picture of single-family townhomes with large shared outdoor areas, and a big rec room that hosts community BBQs and Saturday Movie Night. I imagine a band of kids roving around, playing in the pool, walking over to their friends' houses, and then all gathering to catch the bus on Monday morning.

This one looks especially lovely.

What do you think? Heaven or hell?  


Top Photo: Rocky Hill CoHousing
Photo (at left): Broad Street Commons (has a pool!!!).

Or maybe I just like the idea of co-housing because I want a neighborhood pool. :)