Wednesday, October 26, 2016

News and Reviews

Wednesday! Two more days until the weekend.

Recently we've been able to sneak in some good outdoor exploring before the wet weather officially descends on Sea-Town.

Emma and I discovered some hidden trails at Magnuson. The buffleheads have likely gone south for the winter but the Pacific tree frogs near the ponds were in full chorus. And! The first salmon have started arriving in Carkeek Park! Things are hoppin' round here.

On our Tuesday afternoon outing, Ben proved that it's never too late for dip in the lake. And that rain boots aren't much good after you go over the tops. Science in action.

The kid is five years old and still, it's not a question of if he'll get wet, but when. He's half fish, surely.

Here are a few interesting articles from around the web this week:

Why Doctors Without Borders refused a million free vaccines. 

Marriage after Trump: how couples are no longer voting together. Chris and I just sent in our ballots; we differed on a few local candidates.

Tall people business cards.

An interview with a woman after she had an abortion at 32 weeks.

Ten tips for hiking with reluctant kids.

Do you live in Washington State? You must check out the Stranger's Voting Guide, no matter your political affiliation. It's a hoot. Brace yourself for rough language and belly laughs.

A behind-the-scenes look at how one semi truck moves an entire football team.

The barber that encourages kids to read. 

The fear of having a son (thanks LV!).

A feminist library for your sons and daughters

I am really liking these personalized Lost-my-name books. The illustrations are whacky and I am always a sucker for rhyming story lines. And what kid wouldn't love a book about their name?! Christmas, perhaps? Wish they weren't quite so spendy.

In downtown Santa Ana, some Latino merchants are trying to surf a wave of gentrification. We used to live a few blocks from here, back in our Cali days. We'd go to restaurants and practice our spanish, as it was either that or politely miming our dinner order. I have fond memories of those years. Times, they are a changin'.

RIP Great Barrier Reef.

Would you enjoy a plant-based burger, if it tasted exactly like the real thing? We sent a vegetarian to see if meatless burger can convert carnivores.  I can't wait to try this; I hate that animals have to die for my love of a tasty dinner.

Patient Zero in HIV crisis was misidentified 

Have a great rest of the week.

xo, Sonja

PS: Emma got a new dress from her buddy Audrey.

To say she loves it is a serious understatement. Our little girlie is suddenly obsessed with all things frilly and flouncy. She now refuses to leave the house without some sort of fancy get-up and heaven forbid you try to get pants on under all the frippery.

She rarely has time to sit still for pictures but clearly has endless patience if you offer to photograph her new dress. I love this girl. My stubborn, fierce little daughter.