Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Costume Recap

I am working like a madwoman on halloween costumes. They'll be down to the wire this year.

Here are our costumes from past years.

Chicken (Ben was 10 months old)

 Random tidbit: He won first place in the Seattle Times' annual costume contest. Thanks, Martha.

The (real) chickens were not amused by this faux-feathered interloper.

Halloween 2013: Dinosaur

Halloween 2014: Bird Watcher and Baby Flamingo (Emma made her grand entrance this year)

Whoa our little girlie was as round as a bowling ball. We used to call her Piglet when she was little (lovingly, of course!): all pink, blond, and chubby. Weirdly, Emma is currently completely obsessed with pigs. She goes bananas every time we spot on in her books.

Halloween 2015: Scuba Diver and Tropical Fish

2016: Coming Soon!