Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Beginning of a New Adventure

Hello Friends, 

We have some news! 
At the end of the June we’ll be packing our truck camper and hitting the road for an extended year-long adventure.
The Plan
We’ll begin by driving into Oregon and California and if all goes well (a big IF, given that we’ll have four people living in a house smaller than a parking space!) then we’ll keep driving south into Mexico and Central America.
And if things go fantastically well then we’ll hit the tip of South America(!!) sometime in January 2018.

Escape Options
Of course there are many variables when travelling with kids, so we’re trying to keep the agenda and schedule flexible. It’s possible that we’ll decide international travel isn’t in the cards and do a loop of the US instead. Or we’ll last two months and then zip back to Seattle in time for Ben to start first grade. 🙂
Chris’ last day at work is June 1. Emma (age 3) will have just finished preschool and we’ll wait for Ben (age 6) to wrap up kindergarten before heading south. We’ve just completed our last round of vaccinations and we’re looking into homeschooling for the coming year. Not surprisingly, we are both excited and nervous.
If you’re interested, we’re hoping to regularly update our travel website Terra Trekkers. We are also on Instagram. The Sweet Seattle Life will be on hiatus until we return. 
If you’ve got kid-friendly travel recommendations for Baja, Mainland Mexico, Central America (Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, CR, Panama), and South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina), we’d love to hear ’em!
Sonja and Chris


  1. :-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow! Excited to "hear" all about your adventures! Have you thought about what homeschooling materials you're going to use? I always love hearing about that.

  3. We are in the thick of figuring out our homeschooling materials right now. I was going to dive into the world of various homeschooling programs but this week I had a meeting with a first grade teacher in Ben's school and she essentially gave me an entire year's worth of lessons, workbooks, and materials. It was so far above and beyond what I was expecting. I was stunned.

    The kids are going to have a daily journal where they describe what they've learned/seen and that will suffice (along with letters and postcards to family) as Ben's handwriting practice. And then I have a ton of books that I'm going to order from Amazon for reading practice. And she gave us math workbooks (and we do a lot of daily math stuff).

    So I'm actually feeling pretty confident about lessons. Which is good, because just a week ago I was worried sick about it. :) Also, we're not going to be doing 'unschooling' but this is an adventure with a focus on free play and learning as we go. So as long as we check the basic boxes so that he can rejoin school as a 2nd grader (and not be behind), I'm hoping that'll leave him with lots of extra time for adventure. Fingers crossed. :)