Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend Happenings


Summer weather has finally arrived in Seattle and we spent the weekend curled up like cats in the sunshine on the deck, just soaking up that Vitamin D.

We are ready for warm weather!! (But, because we're fickle Seattlelites, we'll be complaining about the hot temps in no time flat).

Ben and Emma went swimming in the lake for the first time this year. They report that it is still freezing, but that somehow didn't stop them from spending an hour playing in the waves with some buddies. These kids are nuts.

Our new favorite outing is to ride down to the ice cream shop in Lake Forest Park. It's 8 miles round trip which gives Ben a nice sense of accomplishment. And if we need a little pick-me-up then we'll stop at my parent's house (half way) for biscuits. I am a firm believer in restoring lost calories through ice cream consumption. :)

Also, please note that these will be the only two selfies I take while riding a bike. It was terrifying and I'm putting it firmly in the category of 'generally bad and unsafe ideas'.

This is a poor photo but word on the street is that someone in our neighborhood raises these ring-necked pheasants and then releases them into the city. (here's a better photo). We see them about every six months and our little eagle-eyed Ben was the one to spot this gentleman on the way to school yesterday. The guys are pretty flashy and it's a hoot for the kids to spy them strolling down the street.

We also have nesting merlin falcons and several coyote sightings so things are hopping in the 'hood from an urban wildlife standpoint. Love this city.

Chris got an early birthday present and we went down to SODO to see the band Passenger. It's been ages since we made it out for live music so it was definitely a treat. They put on a great show; Also: we're old. I double triple checked to make sure I'd brought my ear plugs for the concert; I get cranky when my ears ring after too long at top volume. I need to save what hearing abilities I have left. :)

We also just finished up an (exhausting) two day Wilderness First Aid class at the Mountaineers Club here in Seattle.

Given that we have two diabolical bambinos, we definitely feel more comfortable having some introductory knowledge for treating injuries while hiking out in the woods.

 It was great fun; we also got to play the victim and be gussied up with stage makeup and fake wounds.

Get injured with us? We'll get you packaged up in no time. :)

Here is our hot air balloon crash patient with two broken legs, big bleeds, and facial contusions. He was a champ (and a good sport, given that we had him trussed up like a turkey).

And, last but no least, some articles for you to peruse. There are a few real gems in here. And probably a few duds, too, but you'll have to weed those out for yourself. :)

Did you know that AirBNB now offers experiences, in addition to vacation rentals? Spend a few hours with a local eating your way through their favorite food trucks or exploring their favorite haunts.  I thought this one here in Seattle looked pretty cool. As does this one.

I'm digging these posters from Rebel Girls. I think Em and Ben might still be a little young for the book but the posters are fantastic.

This is an interesting perspective on household chores: You should have asked

My family's slave

Check this box if you're a good person

I was a starter wife

My Uncle told me about this Mother's Day Tradition: Climbing Mt. St. Helens. Looks like a hoot, right?

Illegal Pot Farms Are Poisoning California’s Forests

Another reason to love badgers: their awesome digging abilities!

This article begins tragically but raises some very important questions: Kids vs. No kids

Co-working meets childcare: How this business incubator is supporting working moms. This place sounds almost, but not quite, as awesome as my sister-in-law's Boardroom!

Self driving cars will create organ shortages.  A slightly morbid perspective I never would have considered. 

And last but not least, a little levity: Bike lane hero. Make sure you can hear him singing.