Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Ready, Set, Sew - Halloween is nigh

It's October which means we're full steam ahead on Halloween costumes!

We're going for a (loose) weather theme this year.

Emma has selected a rainbow. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Source: Subtle Revelry

I get to be the accompanying rain cloud: a grey tutu and a few rain drops; I'll fit right in with Seattle weather. :)

Ben is going to be (the God of) Thunder (aka Thor).

Specifically the Thor from the battle with the Hulk in Ragnarok because he has short hair (which gets Ben out of donning a wig. I tried to convince him that it would be a stylish accessory but he was having none of it.)

Ben is completely immersed in the planning of his costume and spent about 30 minutes today telling me exactly how detailed the leather vest needs to be to suit his needs. I'm slightly anxious about it pulling it off, honestly. I tried to tell him we were going for Halloween-level of craftwomanship, rather than cosplay level...but it fell on deaf ears.

He did approve a slight breastplate simplification and I'm still debating about using a fake leather vs. a thin foam. I made a helmet in 2016 for Ben's knight costume that was fairly straightforward so we'll probably try to replicate the same general shape.

Chris, naturally, is going as The Hulk. Bucking our weather trend but it fits with our fierce little Thor.

Fingers crossed we can pull this off !