Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ben’s Second Birthday - Round Two

Here is the invitation. [Blue is invitation. Pink/Orange is envelope]

There is more information listed on the paper invite [some is removed for security purposes]

Bicycle graphic: free internet clipart
Paper: Paper Source. color: Pool. size: A2 (although it was originally in 12x12 and I cut it down to fit through the printer)

I actually sent a pdf to Office Depot and had them print & cut the invititaions. It was about $8, including paper, printing, and cutting. My only beef is that the color (on my monitor) was Paper Source Pool (on left) and I ended up with light blue (on right). 

Not that big a deal....I sent out the light blue ones and kept the original for Ben’s baby book. 

Next up: Cake!! I have some ideas. Actually, I have too many ideas and not enough follow through.