Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ben: The Swim Test

Part of Ben’s swimming course includes a ‘Clothes Test’.

The kid is instructed to show up to class clad in shoes, sweatshirt, and heavy pants. The idea is that you want your kid not to panic if they somehow fall in the water (fully clothed).

I cannot think of a more appropriate test for my particular child.

I mean, this is the kid that was walking along the top of the couch today:

And who woke my up this morning by hollering: “MOM, HOW DO I GET DOWN FROM HERE?”

And you thought the snooze alarm was bad.

(He was balanced on the top of Emma’s crib rail, by the way. Yes. BOTH KIDS ARE NOW UP. GOOD MORNING TO ME.)

Anyway, the deal is they ‘fall’ in the water, and then go into their floating/resting position, before swimming to the edge of the pool/lake/ocean/whatever.  Despite having 2% body fat, the kid can decently float. Astonishing.

His teacher also instructed Ben on how to get his shoes and clothes off if they were weighing him down but I think he needs a few years before he could successfully perform this tricky maneuver.

But he totally rocked the swimming part. And you know he loved the ‘pretend falling in’ bit.



In other, unsurprising news, we watched the video of Deep Blue, the largest great white shark every photographed off of Mexico’s coast. It’s a stunning clip. Ben was captivated by the shark cages and promptly decided that we need to go out there and meet Deep Blue ourselves. Do I hear a Mama/Son shark diving vacation? Oh hell yeah.          [In ten years.]